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Wooden-Wrapped Mountain Flask (6oz.)

Grab this hip flask & drink with style on the go! This classic drinking flask is quintessential enough to serve you well.

These flasks are perfect for any outdoor campaign. Thoughtfully constructed, these ultra-durable flasks can hold 6 ounces of liquids, which is equivalent to approx. five shots of liquor. Its high-quality stainless steel material won't leach any metallic taste on the drink. Its wooden-wrapped exterior cover looks amazing and prevents outside temperatures from affecting your flask. No more worry about dropping your cap- the cap is attached to the bottle. This hip flask will be perfect for carrying your boozes. Grab NOW!


- FIT IN OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: You can carry your liquors or any beverages in this petite hip flask. Its light-weight design makes it easy – and even less conspicuous to carry in a pocket.

- BEST TRAVEL COMPANION: You can take this flask anywhere – into the mountains, the woods, sporting events, or any other adventures you like. Its sturdy construction will perfectly meet those tough conditions.

- MOUNTAIN DESIGN: The flask is outfitted with a grippy mountain printed wooden wrapped cover that keeps the flask insulated.

- KEEP THE FLAVOR INTACT: Its stainless steel materials won't leave a metallic taste in your mouth. In fact, premium 304 stainless steel construction keeps the flavor intact for long.

- DURABLE: It's completely shatterproof- drop it, bump it, and the flask will prevail. It will definitely serve you well for many years.


  • Body Material: 304 # Stainless Steel
  • Style: Classic Hip Flask
  • Capacity: 6oz.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Wooden-Wrapped Mountain Flask (6oz.)