Top Tree Leaf Necklace

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This is not just a hobby or a bad habit. It's a lifestyle. It's who we are. 

It's not just about getting lit and feeling good. 

It's about connecting to the Earth and everything inside of it. It's about appreciating music even more than we already do, and enjoying the taste of our favorite foods to the fullest. It's about relieving pain and anxiety using nature's ingredients.

This limited edition Top Tree Leaf Necklace serves will remind you of this every time you wear it.

Both the chain and leaf pendant are comprised of highly durable alloy and will withstand the tests of time. Order today to save 50% OFF + FREE Shipping!

  • Made with Alloy Metal
  • Chain Length - 19 inches / 50 centimeters
  • Pendant length - 1.9 inches / 5 centimeters