Titanium Strength Necklace

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Lifting weights is not a hobby. It's a lifestyle. It's who we are. 

It's not just about trying to make your muscles bigger and more defined.

It's about painting an image of yourself, using your body as the canvas. It's about pushing yourself to the limit, to strengthen both your body and mind. 

This limited edition Iron Strength Necklace serves will remind you of this every time you wear it.

It will push you to go out and crush it each and everyday. 

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Both the chain and 45-lb plate pendant are comprised of highly durable titanium steel to symbolize the strength of your will. Nothing will wear it down and it will withhold the tests of time. 

If you order today, you can save 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! It's easy for people see that you're into fitness & exercise - now show them how serious you are. 

  • Made with Titanium Steel
  • Chain Length - 21 inches
  • Pendant length - 1 inch