Telescopic Portable Stool

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Nobody likes to wait for the train on the platform when seats are full OR keep standing just because there are no more chairs left!  


When you don't want to stand but there is no place to sit, Use Telescopic Portable Stool and instantly be seated! This portable seat has a telescopic design that you can extend to rest in concerts, sporting events or while in a long line.



BETTER BLOOD FLOW THAN SITTING: Since you're leaning the nerves are pressure-free and allow proper blood circulation 

✅ YOUR LEGS WILL THANK YOU: Use it if you're waiting in a 3 hours passport line, the train is running late or your cheering for your kid on a sports event.  

CARRY ANYWHERE: The telescopic design lets you carry it inside the purse or a backpack with your next camping trip or sports event!

Convenient, awesome and easy to use

✅ USE ON ANY SURFACE - Our lightweight seat is fitted with an anti-slip rubber foot grip, which promises stable sitting on all types of surfaces, including hardwood, grass, concrete, dirt, or tile.

✅ SUPPORTS UPTO 100kg (220lbs) - Don't worry because this is a light yet extremely strong piece of a chair! 


This folding chair features an easy open and close design, so you can set up your sitting stool within seconds. Golf enthusiasts won't have to stand to wait for their turns! 


Never before has something this complex been so simple! A foldable seat, that fits in your pocket, and it looks good. Rest on the go and forget about tired legs!



The world’s most compact, and functional one-legged chair. It is designed to improve your posture and let you relax when you need it, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.





Question: Do Disney World allow telescopic folding stool to be used in the park?
Answer: I brought a telescopic folding stool to Disney World early this year. Security found it in our bag and thought nothing of it. We used it everywhere to the envy of many and were never asked about it by personnel - only one guy that wanted to try it. It was a “knee and back” saver for a 9 hour day there. The telescopic folding stool was fantastic to use during the fireworks. Have a great trip, and send pictures :)
By Soheli Akter Hira on July 20, 2019


Question: What is the maximum weight in pounds that a person sitting on the telescopic folding stool can weigh?
Answer: Hi I weigh in at the 190-215lb range and during a recent medical conference back home last year, I attended an outdoor (& rather freezing) event(but they had warm food/beverages). A grabby fellow yanked my black telescopic folding stool I loaned to a friend, he was nearly 250 lbs. I'd say 200-250lb. According to the documentation, not more than 220 lbs; about right. It weighs about 2-2.5 lbs and is very good. It's sturdy, resilient, everyone is interested/wants one.

By Allen Nakagawa on Sept. 21, 2019


Package includes:
1 x Telescopic Portable Stool


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