Portable Stainless Steel Lunch Tower

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Put The Joy Back Into Lunchtime By Keeping Your Lunch Neat & Organized Everyday 

Majority of humans have lost their expectations of warm food from their lunch boxes, but don't worry this Stainless Steel Lunch Tower will restore your faith in lunch boxes! 




✅ Warm & Tasty Food Everytime You Open The Box: 3 layer made (inner-steel, middle foamy insulation, outer-plastic) prevents a single heat molecule to escape out keeping your food fresh


✅ Don't compromise if you want soups or curd: Food lovers who love to have a soupy mealtime, you have to compromise no more! The leakproof design won't let a single drop of anything leak


✅ Saves you money from going to restaurants: Eat healthier, stay fit and save money by avoiding to go to those restaurants when your food gets cold - No More!


✅ Multi-Tier/Multi-compartments: Add or remove layers to cater to your desired lunch portion. Multi-layer design allows separation of different food to avoid a tainting odor.


✅ Food On The GO!: This is perfect for lunch at work, college students or kids attending school, fun road trips, sporting events, picnic’s and so much more.



Make food on the go fun again. Save money on expensive restaurants at lunch break, and eat more whole and healthier meals thanks to these awesome lunch boxes.



Features & Specifications:
Material:18/8 quality stainless steel
double walled vacuum insulated exterior for many hour storages
Color: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Gray
1-Layer: 11 x 16cm
2-Layer: 11 x 22cm
3-Layer: 11 x 28.5cm
1-Layer: 800ml
2-Layer: 1100ml
3-Layer: 1400m


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