Steel Lawn-Mower Trimming Head

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Cut through brush, weeds, and high grass with ease

We all know how great John Deere lawnmowers can be. It can be extremely relaxing to wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning, fire up the machine in the garage, and ride around your lawn while listening to your favorite tunes thinking about what you'll throw on the grill later that night.

But then you realize - it's been weeks since you last mowed your lawn. Your lawn is turning into the Amazon rainforest. You've been so busy you haven't had the time! There's no way your John Deere is going to be able to glide through the lawn today!

Not to worry! This is actually a perfect opportunity to show off your newest toy to your neighbors - the Steel Lawn-Mower Trimming Head


This incredible tool makes trimming up high grass, brush, and overgrown weeds with ease - and it simply attaches right to your weedwacker!

Ideal for spots that are too tight for a lawnmower for example, around trees, shrubs or rocks or along fences and walls. You won't need a broom to clean up the residue just use this to blow it away!



The Trimmer blades are constructed from high-grade manganese steel alloy for super-hardness, sharpness and extra durability. You can cut through any hard grass or weed using this and achieve the desired landscape you always try for!


The Steel Lawn-Mower Trimming Head is designed to fit nicely into any weed wacker and give you a quality and fun time landscaping your lawn. Now the perfection of your work will attract everyone's eyes and you may even get a BONUS in your job! Try it today!



  • Material: Manganese Steel 
  • Size: 25.2 x 78mm / 0.99 x 3.07in (Hole Diameter x Blade Length) 
  • Package Includes: 1* Steel Lawn-Mower Trimming Head