StealthSnow™ Full-Face Ski Mask

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The days of boring ski masks and goggles are over. This Full-Face Ski Mask will have you looking like you own the mountain, and all the other skiers and snowboarders are lucky to be riding next to you

Not only do these masks look incredible, they're also extremely functional as well. The full-face coverage prevents your face from being wind-burnt as you fly down the slopes past everyone. 

Warmer day on the mountain? No problem. The mask easily detaches from the goggles so you can take it easy and enjoy the mountain air. 

Full-Face Ski Mask

Plus, the goggles are goggles are coated in UV 400 protection - meaning you'll see the path ahead as clear as you possibly could, without having the sun strain your eyes. 

As a 2019 special, today you can save 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! Get yours before they sell out, or risk looking like a noob the next time you're on the slopes.