Starry Night Crossbody Purse (Suede Material)

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Carry the energy of the universe with you everywhere you go with this beautiful Starry Night Crossbody Purse!

Remembering how grand and beautiful the universe will help you overcome any challenge or obstacle you may face during your day. 

When feeling tired or stressed, simply marvel at this bag to remind yourself that in the gran scheme of things, everything will be alright. We are tiny in comparison to what the night sky holds, and that can be a beautiful thing. 

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This articulately designed purse pays homage to some of the most popular constellations in the sky, and the stories behind them.

Not only is it just beautiful to look at, it's also an extremely practical bag you can use everyday! It's the perfect size to fit any size phone, wallet, and even some small lotions or makeup.

Plus, it's not too big and will help you reduce the clutter you normally carry around 😂

This limited edition Starry Night Crossbody Purse normally costs $89.99, but if you order today you can save 50% OFF + FREE SHIPPING! At just $44.99, we expect these bags to sell out quickly, so don't miss out on your chance to grab yours.

  • Made with soft suede material - extremely comfortable to carry around
  • Easy-open clasp keeps all of your contents safely inside
  • Large enough to fit everyday accessories (phone, wallet, etc.), but small enough to help you reduce clutter