Spider Prank Box

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Imagine you're having friends over for dinner. As they all begin arriving, they can't help but notice a tiny little hand-crafted wooden box sitting on your coffee table. 

Is it a new jewelry box? Paper clip holder? What could it be?

Your curious friend picks it up, examines it for a second or two and notices it has a tiny handle on the top just begging to be pulled. Looks pretty harmless, right?

WRONG!!!! Your friend SHRIEKS as a spider jumps out and touches her finger! HAHA!! It's a fake spider! 😂

If you love classic gag gifts - like whoopee cushions, handshake buzzers, and fake roaches - you will absolutely LOVE this new classic Spider Prank box!

Imagine how much fun it would be to trick your loved ones into thinking there's a real spider jumping out at them!

Got a prankster in the family that you want to get back at? They'll be terrified of this box!

Got a coworker you don't particularly like? Imagine what would happen if this was "accidentally" left on their desk 😂

Today only you can save 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! When we sell 300 units, we'll be increasing the price back to $39.99, so order today!