Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain

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Your garden is going to be a favorite place for those little furry chirpers! 🐦


Who doesn't loves chirping of birds and what's the problem in helping them to get some water while you beautify your garden? Have a look at this amazing Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain. This will do all of your work just set it up and let it shine!


The birdbath comes with 4 different types of sprayers so you can create your own unique style of birdbath! Completely eco-friendly - run with no battery or electricity required, runs automatically in 3s when sunlight is sufficient. Try out some of the combinations given below: 



Not only it ends here, but your kids are going to love this inside their pool! Provided that it's not only safe for pool parties but it also entertains so your children can have a fun time taking a bath in summers. The longest water it can pump is up to 14inches. You can alter the pump height using different sprayers. 


Extremely durable life of 10,000hours so your birds or you never miss the fun! The solar water fountain pump has a built-in brushless motor that provides a longer service life and lowers energy.


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