Solar Powered + Hand Crank LED Dynamo Flashlight

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A trustworthy, durable flashlight is a staple for any survivalist's or outdoorsman's EDC pack. Unfortunately though, it seems that advances in flashlight innovation have stalled over the past few years

Many of the flashlights we've come to know and love all still depend on an unreliable power source - external batteries

The problem with this? There's still always a chance for error

While external batteries can last for years, there's often times no backup plan if there's a mishap and the batteries are no longer charged. 

That's where this amazing Solar Powered + Hand Crank Flashlight comes to the rescue!

Not only can this flashlight be powered and charged by the built-in solar panel, it can also be electrified using the mechanical hand crank!


Now when SHTF, you'll have one less issue to worry about. No need to question whether or not you remembered to put fresh batteries into your flashlight or not when you need it most. Whether that be while hunting and cooking at night, tending to a medical emergency, or even self defense.

Plus, there's as built in buckle (inspired by carabiner clips) so you can easily attach it to belt loops or a backpack.

Normally these extremely dependable flashlights cost $49.99. However if you order today, you can save 50% OFF + FREE Shipping Worldwide! For just $24.99, you'll never have to worry about having a trustworthy light source again.

Peace of mind is priceless.

  • 1 minute of hand-cranking equals to 10 minutes of light
  • 100% Quality Assurance Guarantee
  • Contains 3 Dependable LED Light BulbsWind Proof