SnowShield™ Windshield Cover

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There's nothing worse than waking up for work, only to look out the window to see that a snow-storm hit last night!

Now you have to rush through your hectic morning schedule, just so that you can clear off the snow & ice on top of your car.

When you painstakingly clear the windshield, you notice that underneath the layer of snow is a THICK sheet of ice. Ugh!

Now you have to pull out yet another tool and spend even more time scraping and scraping. Not to mention, your car is also running and wasting gas as this is going on!

Enough! There has to be a quicker way to clear our cars off. And that's where this amazing SnowShield Windshield Cover comes into play!

This innovative product is specifically designed to make sure clearing off your car is as simple as possible.

On cold winter nights, simply drape this cover over your car - and that's it! If it snows or freezes overnight, you can sleep peacefully knowing it won't take any extra time to get to work.

The SnowShield™ Cover's is designed to be immune to wind and theft. Magnets hold the cover in place and heavy-duty straps wrap around the rearview mirrors so it holds in place not matter how strong the wind is. 

Side flaps tuck are designed to fit through your car doors to prevent any thieves from snatching the SnowShield™ cover from your car. 


  • Strong & Durable: 4 layers designed with spunlace fabric, aluminum foil, warp & weft cotton, and white lining
  • Windproof: 4 super strong magnets & 2 elastic belts hold the cover down in any weather conditions
  • Anti-theft: 2 door flaps fit inside through closed doors to prevent theft
  • Extremely Portable: the durable design is surprisingly light weight and is easy to fol & store inside your car
  • Multi-Seasonal: not just for the snow! Great as a sun visor in the summer
  • Standard Size is suitable for most cars, XL designated for bigger trucks

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