Scratch Color Kit

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This will magically melt your stress away! 😌


  • Easy, fun and little to no setup required
  • No messy paints everywhere and the result is flawless every time!
  • Brightest, most luminous colors give happiness


Are you tired of working hard always and need a break? Give yourself a confidence boost without having to worry about setup or clean up!

Our amazing Scratch Color Kit is the best and easiest way to relieve yourself from any kind of stress which comes after a long day at work.

These kits are great for adults or kids. Enjoy working on them with your family or as a way to just relax and let your mind wander for hours to finish your work of art.


You're great! And this is the hack to become relaxed, stress-free and satisfied with what you have built in your life.

It is so satisfying when you scratch the black surface to reveal the colors. Show off your creation because anyone can do it with little to no effort!

Scratch painting is easy, fun, and clean so that you never have to worry about dripping paint, splatters, or smudges – and you’ll always end up with a perfect result, each and every time.