Cordless Rivet Drill Adapter

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An inexpensive, less tiring solution to riveting guns!

Breakthrough the traditional advantages, with Cordless Rivet Drill Adapter, you can complete drilling, pulling rivets and screwing for much cheaper than buying expensive rivet guns! Just attach the adapter to your drill nozzle and drill them rivets! The efficient performance makes it does not waste a rivet.

Everybody knows how tough it is to pull the rivets with manual guns, it's just so much tiring and require a lot of effort. The cordless drill is the solution to your riveting needs. As a drill accessory, this rivet gun will solve your problems and can be combined with various types of power tools (The tool’s torque should greater than 15 Nm).



Unlike regular rivet guns which are too much noisy, heavy and hard to handle; the cordless riveting drill is compact, lightweight and can be used without prior riveting experience! Requires less maintenance and is highly durable. Easy to install and pull the rivets out and if you ever stuck a rivet then the provided wrench will make your task way easier!



How To Use:

  1. Pick the right size nozzle for your rivet, there are 4pcs (for nozzle size see bottom) to choose from. 
  2. Attach the drill nozzle to our cordless drill adapter.
  3. Run it reverse on your drill until you feel the click (dit-dit-dit sound). The rivet can be fitted in once the teeth widen. Put the rivet in the tool and slowly hold the handy part of the tool. And pull the drill trigger when you feel it start to grab the rivet.
  4. Put it in the hole that you wish to rivet and keep holding the handy part and hit the drill at full.
  5. Once the rivet pops, keep holding the handy part of the tool and hit reverse on your drill.
  6. The teeth will widen and the old rivet shaft will drop to the ground. Put your drill back in the forward position and rinse and repeat. 


Package Includes:

1. Cordless Riveting Drill Adapter (1pc)
2. 4* Nozzles (2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm)

Top-line Riveting Guns can cost over $300. Grab this Riveting Adapter for just $59.99 - that's 50% OFF! 🛒