Reusable BBQ Mesh Pouch

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Grill brushes often leave small metal bristles on the grill which makes you vulnerable to intake and cause mishappenings!

But you don't have to eat metallic bristles with your food now, why? Because you will have a clean grill after your cookout.


This Reusable BBQ Mesh Pouch the secret that pro grill chef uses!

Barbecuing with skewers leave the food raw near the center, but don't worry our BBQ Mesh will evenly cook your whole food present inside it.

You can FLIP & HEAT one side of ALL foods at the same time



Now beginners can make the perfect bbq too!

Place salmon, veggies, sliced stone fruits, or anything else headed for the grill, inside the packet then shut it and throw it on the BBQ, that's it!



DURABLE AND RESISTANT TO TEMP. - Heat safe to 600 DegreeF (316 DegreeC), reusable and Dishwasher safe

REDUCES CLEAN UP AFTER COOKOUT - Grilling food in the bag instead of directly on grates can greatly reduce the cleaning of the grill grate and make you safer from metallic bristles from the brush.

COOK EVENLY - Unlike skewers, you can cook your food up to the center making it taste delicious and heavenly.



The bag allows heat and smoke to go through and provide your food a luxurious 5-star flavor!

Non-Stick BBQ & Bake Bag grill multiple foods in the same bag which allows you to cook small foods like shrimps and vegetables on the BBQ that were difficult to do in the past.