Ultimate Survival Electric Arc Lighter

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It's no secret that in desperate times, fire can be essential to survival. A starting a fire is a prepper basic. A major problem facing preppers, though, is that most resources used to light a fire can be extremely limiting. 

Imagine SHTF and you need to make a fire, and you remember that you ran out of flint. You reach for your trusted lighter, thinking "no problem," only to find you're also out of lighter fluid. Plus, it rained last night and your backup box of matches is soaked, and everything in the forest is too damp to spark. 

What would you do?

That's where the Ultimate Survival Electric Lighter comes to the rescue. This amazing lighter uses Dual Arc Plasma technology to spark an electric current that can be used to light anything. 

Plus, it's completely re-chargeable (perfect to use with a solar battery) so you'll never have to worry about re-filling again.

Ultimate Prepper Survival Rechargeable Electric Arc Plasma Lighter

Rain? No problem. The Ultimate Survival Electric Lighter is completely waterproof and floats on the surface of the water so you'll never lose it. 

Ultimate Prepper Survival Rechargeable Electric Arc Plasma Lighter

Today you can get yours for 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! The price is worth nothing compared to the peace of mind you'll have, knowing you have the most dependable lighter on the market. 


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  • Dual Arc Plasma lighter
  • Rechargeable via USB - Great to use with Solar Powered Batteries
  • Water Proof
  • Wind Proof
  • Battery Capacity - 220 mAh
  • One-push quick release button