The BossDawg Gold Chain

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We all know that puppies and small dogs can add a certain element of swag to our appearance.

When we get the chance to walk through the park or down the street with our cute little pup, we feel just a bit more confident & cool than we would if we didn't have our own little fury friend with us. 

Now, you can take this feeling of swag to the next level with this awesome BossDawg Gold Chain for your puppy!

If you puppy is the center of attention whenever they're walking down the street or around the dog park, just wait until you see how much more adorable they'll be while they're wearing this 100% Metal Alloy chain!

It will not only make your puppy look even better, people will think you're the coolest pet owner around. You may even meet a special somebody because your dog is wearing this chain 😎

Normally, these extremely durable dog chains cost $39.99, but if you order today you can save 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! At just $19.99, it's priceless when compared to how much of a boss your puppy will now be. 

*Fits most small dogs. Order 2 and link together to fit larger dogs.