Power-Hose Blaster (Firefighter Inspired)

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Get the job done in half the time with double the water pressure! 

Power washers are heavy and it's almost an entire workout to pull them out when you need them. With this Mighty Blaster, you get over 2 times more pressure than a regular hose so you can clear dirt & grime with ease! 



Made up of aircraft-grade aluminum and premium stainless steel This is going to last years! This high-pressure water is an ideal for car vehicle cleaning and gardening watering etc.

This hose makes watering projects easier than ever. With the provided comfortable grip, you can complete your task without hurting your hands!



The Power-Hose Blaster is a rugged, powerful nozzle with the ergonomic comfort to make all your watering needs a breeze. Plus, it uses up to 40% less water than a traditional nozzle. Whether you need a fine mist to water your garden or a powerful stream to blast away dirt from your car or deck, the MIGHTY BLASTER adjusts with just a twist! 

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