Outdoor Vintage-Style Patio String Lights - Great for Summer Parties!

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🥂 Create the Perfect Mood of Summer Parties or Barbecues!


Summers are incomplete without the evening parties. And parties, incomplete without beautiful yet soft lighting.



The outdoor vintage-style string lights serve an ideal role in creating the mood & memories which will stay forever in your heart.





✅ Designed to withstand the wear and tear of year-round outdoor use: Carries IP65 enclosures which offer complete protection against particles, and a good level of protection against water.



✅ Totally safe(CE listed) for outdoor and indoor use: The 2 layer insulation prevents any overheating of the wire with longer duration of use. This heavy-duty wire will never make you sad with its performance.



✅ Multipurpose vintage lighting for every occasion!: The warm yellow old style is sure to make every occasion turn into gold. Save money and re-use it on different occasions



✅ Convenient & Easy To Use: Two strings of the bulb can be connected end to end, each bulb has a hanging hole.


Warm White lights bring you a warm soft atmosphere, which you can enjoy the lovely nights and the romantic dinners with your family and friends. Perfect convenient and versatile lighting for patios, decks, weddings, party, umbrellas, backyard, pergola, etc.



You're missing out on a lot of fun in parties without this! Make sure to enjoy to the fullest with our Outdoor Vintage-Style String Lights.


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