Nurse's Stethoscope Necklace

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ūüí̬†Nurses Save Lives With Passion!¬†

This nurse necklace is a symbolizes the care & emotion nurse's display day in and day out, each long shift they work.

When patients see this with you, they surely are going to feel more touched to have someone like family with them.



✅ Safe & Cause No Allergies: Regular jewelry can cause rashes and allergies but the zinc-64 (safest zinc isotope) coating prevents to cause any irritations.

✅ Perfect For Any Occasion: You can show your passion towards patients. Everybody will appreciate you.

✅ Perfect Gift For A Nurse: Perfect Gift for Birthday, Wedding Anniversary Gift, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and so on.


The whole necklace is 20" long, so it will hang about 10" (slightly past your collarbone)

The stethoscope necklace is both fun and adorable!  It is a wraparound necklace with the heart slipping through the stethoscope. Ideal for everyday wear!

You save lives, wear a necklace as beautiful as your heart.