Minimalist Magnetic Doorstop (Stainless Steel Design)

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We all know that all door knobs can wreak havoc on the walls of our homes. From clumsy kids, energetic pets, or even strong breezes, there's no way to keep the walls and door knobs complete safe from a strong force. 

Yes, we can purchase doorstops from the office store to prevent any damage from happening, but there's only one issue. Most doorstoppers are downright ugly.

When putting thought and effort into the design of your home, the small details matter. If you put thought into the door knobs you installed on the doors of your home, why not pair them with equally beautiful doorstoppers?

This innovative Minimalist Magnetic Doorstop is every interior-designers favorite! Not only is it extremely functional, but it's super stylish, cost-effective, and utilizes innovative technology that will surely spark up a conversation with fellow designer enthusiasts.


Mount the magnetic doorstop to the floor to hold open even the heaviest of doors, putting an end to the slamming that can cause damage.


✅ Strong AdhesionWith the strong adhesion magnet, it can hold the door effectively and with strength and stop it from swinging 

✅ Drill-Free Installation: While drilling the door-stopper will ensure sturdiness, you can also opt for strong 3M backing tape to prevent surface damage to the door

✅ Durable Material: It is made of high-quality and anti-rust stainless steel which is durable.



  • There are 2 ways to install this invisible magnetic doorstop for your door:
    • DRILL-FREE way: just use the adhesive stickers on the back of both the pieces and stick them to the door and wall. Wait for an hour, and your flawless doorstop is ready!
    • Using screws (included): You can nail the pieces to your floor and furniture in order to install it.

Normally priced at $29.99, if you order today you can save 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! Compared to the damage it will protect your walls from, it's practically priceless.

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