Telescopic Mini Fishing Rod

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Ever go on a trip where you weren't sure if it was appropriate to lug your fishing gear along? Well no need to question that anymore!

Our Telescopic Mini Fishing Rod makes fishing perfectly possible in situations where large fishing gear is inconvenient.

Long road trip where you're afraid your expensive fishing rod might get crushed by all the other gear packed in your car? Take the Mini Fishing Rod instead!

Taking a flight and don't want to have to check your gear and worry about losing it? Take the Mini Fishing Rod Instead!

Constructed from aluminum alloy, the rod and reel are both extremely durable yet still lightweight. 

  • Telescopic rod extends to 39 inches in length, but is a petite 8.1 inches when closed
  • Reel easily attaches and detaches from rod
  • Fits in pocket, glove box, briefcase, backpack, etc.
  • Great gift for fishing friends & family

For just $19.99, it's priceless when compared to the amount of fun & memories you'll have fishing with friends and family!