Mini Personal Air Conditioner

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ūüėį Thousands of people¬†suffer from heat-related illness¬†every summer - don't be one of them!

Tackle the scorching heat out of summer with a single push button to start this Mini Air Conditioner

Worried About Expensive Bills? Don't Be. Now you can feel chilly air in summers in very cheap. Consumes less than 10W of electricity.



‚úĒ Stay cool while you save on electricity bill:¬†Now feel chilly filtered air in the summers without worrying about high bills. Consumes 40% less than your regular AC

‚úĒ Freon free & other toxic coolants:¬†Save the environment while you here are taking those arctic air - Feel proud.

‚úĒ Portable & Lightweight:¬†Easy to carry - put it at your workstation or carry to your yoga place. It's light.


Instructions To Use:

  • Fill it with water up to the mark.
  • Plug it in a standard wall outlet or USB port of a PC or power bank
  • Runs For 8 Hours per fill


Equipped With Mood Light For Sound Sleep


Power: 10W
Weight: Approx. 1 kg
Power Source: AC
Fan Speed: 3 gears(Med, High, Super)
Efficiency: 8 hours per fill

One Order Gets You:
1 * Mini Personal Air Conditioner
1 * USB cable
1 * User manual


Summers heat will never be a problem anymore!
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