Math Equation Watch (Unisex)

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Do you love math and engineering? Then you'll absolutely love this Math Equation Watch! 😂

When wearing this watch, you'll be able to keep your mind sharp 24/7 by calculating math equations on the spot just by looking at the time. 

When someone notices you're wearing this beautiful watch and asks you what the time of day is, you'll be forced to solve an equation to provide them the answer. 

They'll be super impressed with you ability to work out math in your head, and will be able to show how important mathematics and engineering are to your life.

It also serves as a great gift to any friends or family members that are number-nerds!

If you order today, you can save 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! You'll be able to show everyone just how smart, logical, and analytical you are. 

  • Genuine Quartz Movement Watch
  • Unisex Design
  • Watch face encased with durable glass
  • Band Length - 9.4 inches / 24 centimeters