5-in-1 Interchangeable Magnetic Sunglasses

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✌ Buy This & Save Spending On 5 Sunglasses!


Change according to your needs or hobbies! The Interchangeable Magnetic Sunglasses gives you the ability to enjoy 5 types in 1 (Saving you $100-200!)

These sunglasses have you covered for every situation whether it is night driving or going directly in bright summers!



✅ Comes with prescription lenses too! : Why should you compromise when you can have them with your suitable prescription.

✅ Be prepared for every situation: From going under the scorching sun to driving in a full glare night environment you're always ready!

 Easily Swap On & Get Invisible: Regular magnetic glasses make you look wearing double glasses - not this one! it becomes invisible the moment you swap it on.

✅ Perfect for outdoor activities: riding, picnic, go camping, go fishing, etc. Those activities cannot be enjoyed without sunglasses


Highly durable & comfortable material - Equipped with anti-slip hook design

Package Includes(7 items):

1. Black Frame - Anti fogging & replaceable w/ prescription lenses
2. Blue lens - View clearly in foggy weather days (& UV protection)
3. Tea lens(light brown) - For variable every day condition & increase dept preception
4. Night vision lens(yellow)- For low light conditions & anti-glare at night
5. Polarized lens(gray) - For strong light & UV protection
6. Silver mirror lens - For sunny days & UV protection
7. 5 in 1 Carry bag

Gives your eyes a complete UV400 Protection - each lens is tested thoroughly to make sure you get the best quality lenses.


Note: Each sunglass set has one black grey polarized lens, and four UV protection lens, please kindly note: yellow night vision lens is not polarized.

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