LED Bright Light Tracing Pad

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Tracing pictures on top of the computer screen is way too much hassle!




Do you have a passion to be an artist, or just want to increase your speed on your coming designing project? Ever felt that your 10yr old has good drawing skills? The all-new LED Bright Light Tracing Pad is here to help you with the tasks and solve all your problems!

With all of the digital toys nowadays, It is difficult for kids to be interested in toys. But your kids will love this very much and develop a new hobby of drawing with perfection!


Increase your speed and get your job or project finished way before the deadline! You can use it for calligraphy, stenciling, sketching & drawing, tattoo transferring. Perfect for quilting or other crafting projects too! Things aside this will also help you in examining X-rays easily so a perfect thing for doctors too!


Want to carry around your tracing pad a lot? Don't worry because since this is powered by a USB cable (included) you can use it inside your car; with your power bank, at a park, library or any other place you feel most productive! Also, you can use a universal adapter and use it with your wall socket like any other digital instrument.


Great for Animation, comics professional production team and individuals.
Anime drawing, Animation teaching, clothing design can be way easier when you can have this tracing pad as your helping hand.


Fulfill your task and artistic imaginations with this tracing pad today! 😍