LED Laser Glove

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There's nothing on Earth that feels as great as expressing yourself at a music festival, club, or party. When there's a good beat to the music, your energy just comes alive and let's you live in the moment. 

This beautiful LED Laser Glove lets you express this energy like never before.

Now instead of just watching and enjoying the light show accompanying the music, you get to be a part of the light show!

You'll be the star of the show, and everyone will gravitate to your energy as you light up the crowd with your glove.

Today only, you can save 50% + FREE Shipping! Priced at just $69.99, it's priceless compared to how much it will elevate your next rave. Get yours today!

LED Laser Rave Glove

  • 100% rechargeable
  • One Size Fits All - adjustable straps makes it easy to fit to your specific hand
  • Package includes charging cable, batteries, and plastic carry case