iPad/Tablet Car Holder

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Don't spend HUNDREDS of dollars on car portable TV when you can have this!


Revealing! A perfect solution for your in-car entertainment needs as a passenger or if you don't want your kids to disturb you on the road trip. This keeps them entertained all the way!



New innovative center console tablet mount car headrest holder fits all tablets, Hybrid PCs, laptops from 7" to 14.5" with or without a carrying slim case, rugged case, skin or screen protector. The holder keeps your device stable and free from vehicular vibration so the children can enjoy their favorite TV shows easily and without any irritation.


Easy to install just place the holder on the arm and slide to lock it. Now attach the hook under the headrest and close the hook lock. Adjust your tablet diagonally as shown in the pictures for a safe anti-fall grip. 


Sit comfortably with your favorite hearest position because the hooks require little to no space for attachment. Instead of spending 100s of dollars on the car TV you can avail this effective solution at HALF PRICE to fit your entertainment needs! Take this along on your next road trip!



ONE-TIME OFFER: Now watch your favorite TV shows during the road trip for $60 LESS! By ignoring this you AGREE that you won't get this offer ever again.