Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat

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A quality tummy time develops your baby without having them worry about difficult or serious tasks.


With our Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat your child will be able to:

  • Develop strong neck and shoulder muscles
  • Enhance gross motor skills
  • Secure from the flat head syndrome
  • Build up the strength needed for rolling over, sitting up, crawling and eventually walking

Whenever you are shopping for gifts for your kid, look for a product that will have a positive effect on his or her life. Cheap hoverboards and or off-road scooters, for instance, are ideal. However, to improve your child’s cognitive abilities from a young age, buy an inflatable water mat instead. 



Why choose our Tummy Mat?

  • Because You Want Your Baby To Have Fun – and that’s exactly what our engaging fish puzzle mat will deliver! Help your newborn have fun squeezing, squishing and pressing the water mat and trying to move the fish around!
  • Because You Don’t Want To Spend Hours Setting Up A Play Mat – less time setting up a tummy time mat means more time enjoying it! That’s why our water mat for babies is so easy to inflate and fill with water!
  • Because You Don’t Like Cleaning Up A Huge Mess – raising your baby is hard enough. You don’t have the time or energy to clean up after leaky mats and we know it. That’s why our mom-approved water mat is 100% leakproof!


Here are some general recommendations on how long to do tummy time for each month. 

You will get:
1 * Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat