Tactical Hydration Backpack (3L Capacity)

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Carry your water supply in the most efficient way possible using this ultra-durable Tactical Hydration Backpack.

Whether you're on a hunting trip, hike, or simply on a nice stroll through the forest, this amazing backpack carries an ample amount of water for you - up to 3 liters!

It's extremely easy to refill, and even features a wraparound hose so you can sip from the backpack with ease. 

It's much more convenient than lugging around multiple water bottles, and is also extremely eco-friendly!

If you order today you can save 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! For just $29.99, it's priceless when compared to the convenience it will provide for all of your adventures.

  • One Size Fits All - adjustable straps ensure perfect fit
  • Cushioned Back Pad - provides all day comfort
  • Capacity - 3L / .79 Gallons