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Hooded Neck Pillow

Make your journey comfortable & enjoyable! Ergonomically designed hooded neck support pillow will be your perfect travel companion.

Long journeys and bumpy rides have an intense effect on your body; especially you may end up with a stiff neck. The hooded neck pillow provides the support and convenience needed for traveling. It holds your neck in an upright position while you sleep or snooze. By reducing the head shaking, it prevents cervical soreness, stiffness, cricks & cramps. Its premium material and squishy microbeads help you achieve maximum relaxation during traveling. Moreover, it comes with an attached hoodie that makes sure your total comfort in the journey. Grab this pillow before going on your next trip.


- PROVIDE NECK SUPPORT: The pillow helps to keep your neck propped up, stabilized & supported while you sleep or snooze during traveling.

- MAINTAIN PROPER POSTURE: Bid farewell to chronic cervical pain after each journey! The neck support pillow prevents muscle fatigue & soreness.

- COMFORT FIT: Its ergonomic design can adapt to any neck circumference. The hoodie has a drawstring fastening system.

- PORTABLE: No need to lug around bulky travel cushions! Its light-weight design makes it ideal for carrying.


  • Outer Fabric: 80% Polyamide Fiber + 20% Cotton
  • Filling: Polystyrene Beads
  • Shape: U-shaped

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Hooded Neck Pillow