High Security Folding Bike Lock

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The most space-saving, time-efficient bike lock on the market! Don't be a victim of bicycle thieves!

Now it doesn't matter if you're in a place of high bicycle thefts because they will NEVER be able to break through this High-Security Folding Bike Lock! It reduces the amount of space in which a thief can insert a crowbar and leverage enough oomph to pop it apart hence makes your bike TOTALLY SECURE! 


The designed chain is linked such that it resists hacksaws or chisels and makes the chain tough to leverage. Don't worry because it's light and sturdy at the same time! Moreover, this lock has gone through 48 theft tests and passed with honor.


Easy to install. Lightweight and sturdy enough to keep your precious bike safe in any situation!  You can install it in two ways on your bike. You could install the foldable lock on your bike top tube (with 2 straps) or seat post (with 2 screws). Easy to carry with you all the time

ORDER TODAY TO GET A FREE GIFT: If you order within next 12 hours then along with the lock you will get a FREE seat-post mount so that you can fix the foldable lock to your bike to make sure you always have it with you



Length: 31.7 inch/ 2.6 ft/ 78cm [fits up to 2 bikes!]
Material: Premium hard ABS environmental free plastic
Used for: Mainly for bikes, but also for garden instruments
Folded Size: 7.5*6.6*5.5cm


 *Mount is FREE only if you order now

Protect Your Property From Bike Thieves Today

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