Heavy Duty Brushcutter

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This Blade Cuts FASTER Than A Chainsaw!


Manual pruning is cumbersome and labor intensive, this Heavy Duty Brushcutter is being used by almost every other landscaping agency simply by attaching this circular blade and get the most out of your lawn!




No more messy bushes or those unwanted plants which are ruining the beauty of your lawn. Cut easily through trees, shrubs, and bushes when you have this with you! The 90 degrees and Cross blades design make this brushcutter one of the swiftest through weeds when operated.







  • Take everything right to the ground and clear up your lawn
  • Perfect for trimming grass, cutting the hedges, and tilling the garden
  • Extremely durable aluminum alloy center which is more durable than metal centers
  • Suitable for gas-powered trimmers and brush cutters with 30cc and higher engines
  • Huge power of max. 10,000 rpm to easily swift through any shrub or tree trunks!



1" arbor and the blade has 20 Teeth

Hole diameter: 24.5mm (2.45cm)

Max speed: 10,000 rpm

Used with: gas-powered trimmers, or brush cutters with 30cc or above engines



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Your children are going to love this!