Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

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Did you know that almost 50,000 motorcycles on average are stolen in the United States each year?

And that's because for an experience motorcycle thief, jack your bike sometimes in as little as 10 seconds. If they spend any more time than that, they risk getting caught. 

Now, imagine a motorcycle thief is on the prowl in a parking lot looking for a motorcycle to steal. He comes across yours and another beautiful looking bike parked next to yours. Which one would he or she try to steal?

That's where our Motorcycle Handlebar Lock saves the day! Luckily you remembered to add an extra layer of security to your bike by clamping on this 100% aluminum lock to your handlebar.

The bright, shiny color stands out to let thieves know that the handlebar is locked up, and would provide a hell of a challenge to break loose. 

Suddenly, the bike parked next to yours doesn't seem like much of a problem to abduct...and your motorcycle is saved!

Today only, you can save 50% + FREE Shipping! It's a no brainer - just $49.99 for a trustworthy lock, versus $2k for a new bike. Get yours today!

  • It fits most Motorcycles, Sports Bikes, Scooters, Mopeds & ATV's (that's a four wheeler).
  • Fits handlebars that are 1.4 inches (37mm) or less in diameter
  • Easy to implement - you can clamp on the lock in less than 5 seconds 
  • 100% weatherproof and rustproof - will last you for years
  • Package comes with 1 Motorcycle Handlebar Lock, and 2 keys to unlock