Heavy-Duty Grizzly Grappling Hook

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A cross between grappling hooks and mechanical claws - a must have for outdoorsmen and survivalists

The Heavy-Duty Grizzly Grappling Hook - when it lightly comes into contact with a solid surface, the jaws are pushed open due to gravity. And the jaws close when reversed.


Made of heavy-duty stainless steel durably designed for outdoor life! The best thing is that It can be used as a grappling hook and gravity hook. The Grizzly Hook will rescue you from any problem you have!


Tie any rope, string, or 550 cord that is firm enough for large weight to the ring buckle at the bottom. Then use it for catching, opening the covers of bottles or cans, pulling the broken car even an emergency weapon. The provided O-rings keep the  Grizzly Hook closed firmly.

Easily take it anywhere you go with its portable compact design. Don't underestimate it's small size because it can lift heavy weights up to 300 kg (~600lbs) 


Perfect for grappling onto hard to reach objects. It's made with military-grade material, which makes it extremely strong and versatile to pick up almost ANY object you can think of. 

This is a must-have tool for all outdoor enthusiasts or someone that needs an extra hand - in situations you normally need help with when you're outdoors!

Product Size: 5.9'' * 3.54'' / 15cm * 9cm 

Net weight:  281g 

WARNING: Not intended for unassisted climbing or loading which could cause damage or injury 


Add the Grizzly Grappling Hook to your survival kit today. Order Now!