Glow-In-The-Dark Tape

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Decorate your house, Save Energy, Ensure your safety from accidental falls and much more just from this single amazing Glow in dark tape!


This eco-friendly glow in dark tape can lit up the dark areas just as bright as any other LED.

This glow in the dark tape can stick to any surface and shines extremely bright when the lights are off! Create art or just outline objects and watch them glow.



✅ Auto-recharge from natural light! Saves you bills!

Self-adhesive and easy to peel

Waterproof and durable.

✅ A lifespan of 5 years!


LEDs are not waterproof, but this is! No matter how much water you splash on it. This is never going to fuse.

Stick to places like the electric switch, wall switches, plugs, sockets, locks, door handles, handrails, fire-fighting equipment, fire alarm, rescue equipment, etc. for safety and easy access. 

Perfect for decorating your house and living the experience of karaoke bars, dance halls, cinemas, etc. at home!