Folding Waste Bin

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There's nothing more frustrating than when cooking a meal, having to clear your cutting board or counter into the trash bin...that now feels like it's 100 yards away from you.

Carrying your waste along this treacherous journey is sure to break a sweat and cause a level of anxiety you haven't felt since you took the SATs in high school.

And then, without fail, you trip over a tiny speck of dust and your garbage goes flying all over the kitchen - causing a mess that you now have to clean up!

No more!

This handy Folding Waste Bin fits easily into your kitchen cabinet just below the counter so it is now so much easier to keep your kitchen dazzling clean. 



✅ Maintains a clean and tidy kitchen always!

Great for people with arthritis - you don't have to bend to throw the trash 

✅ Use it in kitchen or in the office - The multipurpose design lets you use it on the floor or mounted on a cabinet

✅ High quality and thick material,  Super bearing, durable for long term use

✅ Easy to open and close, just press and pull, save space when folding



Guaranteed installation within 10s, you will find this trash bin so helpful that you may order more than one (like 80% of our customer did) but don't worry, if you do then we got you covered with amazing discounts!

Discover your own sweet spot to install this, whether it's near the washing machine to throw away the lints inside the cloth or it is to keep the trash away from your pet who sometimes gets naughty! 


  1. Suitable for cabin thickness within 2.2cm (22mm)

  2. Package includes: 1x Wall Mounted Folding Waste Bin

  3. Material: ABS premium grade plastic + Silicone


Normally priced at $79.99, if you order today you can save 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! Compared to how much cleaner your kitchen will be, it's practically priceless.

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