Fingerprint Touch ID Padlock

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The problem of security padlocks is that we often end up forgetting the passwords or key. Because you never leave your finger at home - this Fingerprint Touch ID Padlock is the solution to your problems! You don’t have to use a key to open the lock, meaning you can always open the lock even if you don’t have your keys on you. Simply press your fingerprint against the lock, and voila! Instant success! 



Use it in school lockers, gym lockers, golf bags, closets, bicycles and any other thing that you want to keep secure. And the BEST thing is that it doesn't require set up with any apps or other hassles. 

The fingerprint sensor can detect your finger from 360 degrees which means you don't have to take time to correctly place your finger - just place it and it will open up!



Lightweight, so you can take it anywhere you want and fits easily inside your pocket. Zinc alloy metal lock body construction and high toughness stainless steel shackle, protect your stuff against thieves and also prevents from being pried or smashed or cut. 


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