EZ Clean Cat Litter Mat

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What if you never have to clean cat litter again?


We totally understand that you love your cat very much but at the same time you can't see the litter she spreads around, so we came with a unique solution to minimize your cleaning!




Our EZ Clean Cat Litter Mat supports all types of cat litters including clay, crystal, corn, clumping, wheat, and pellets.

Some cats may throw some litter out of a box. They stick to their paws and may drop off them all over the place and ruin the maintained hygiene. And we know that is really annoying. So to make this process a little better, we have put a HUGE SALE for you!

The two-layered design is waterproof in case of accidents and the top honeycomb layers have holes to make sure it traps all the litter that comes along with your cat.

What do you get?

  • A hygienic tidy place without doing hardly any work
  • An extremely durable cat litter mat filled with non-toxic cotton
  • Less scolding to your kitty, because this ain't their fault


Dimensions - Small (30x30 cm), Medium (40x55 cm), Large (50x75 cm)
Available colors - Black. Gray.