Energy Balance Lamp

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The Energy Balance Lamp is specifically designed to bring a comforting aura & peace to your home. 

The 48 LED lights are activated by the attraction of two spherical magnets that float in the air together. When you move them closer together, they hover in the air the lights magically switch on.

Imagine how amazing it would feel to come home after a long strenuous day, changing into comforting clothes, and then basking in the warm light of this beautiful lamp while watching your favorite TV show. 

As a 2019 special, we're offering 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! At just $49.99, it's priceless when compared to the calm feelings you'll have using this lamp. It's a perfect gift for too for any friends or family that appreciate beautiful designs!

  • Energy Efficient - powered by just a USB cord, contains 48 LED bulbs
  • Symbol of Balance - the spherical magnets represent balance, and the light emitted from the lamp represents the energy that balance creates


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