Screw N' Assemble Electric Drill Puzzle Toy

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According to a recent study of 1025 pre-schoolers worldwide, the more parents encourage their kids to pursue creative projects with their hand, the better the kids perform in real-life tests such as developing social skills and having higher confidence

There's no better way to encourage your child to use their creative minds than by encouraging them to explore with DIY projects and tools! However, this Screw N' Assemble Electric Drill toy is the next best thing!

Now children can flex their creative muscles while learning the basics of building & renovation.

The challenging and engaging nature of this game will keep your children entertained while they unleash their creativity

Your children will power up their imaginations and build handy coordination skills as they drill chunky, kid-sized bolts into a sturdy activity board. 

ENSURED SAFETY with durable ABS plastic material with soft edges, which ensures your children are totally safe from any possible injuries.

Great for both the boys and girls! Young builders can drill their very own designs or follow the templates to create their next masterpiece!

Instead of buying them regular dolls and RC cars, this creative puzzle is a worth investment for your child's development.

It may even encourage them to pursue a career in working with their hands.


Normally priced at $69.99, if you order today you can save 50% OFF + FREE Shipping! Compared to the hours of fun & entertainment it will provide for your kids, it's practically priceless.

Your children are going to love this!