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Double-Walled Glass Mug

Wanna enjoy your beverages at its optimum temperature? This double-layer glass mug entraps heat to keep your drink hot or cold for a very long time.

Don't you hate it when you take a sip of your morning coffee, and it's cold? With this glass cup, you don't have to go through this unpleasant experience anymore. It is thermodynamically designed and acts as a non-conductor of heat. The mug has a vacuum within the glass walls that acts as an insulation layer. It prevents heat transmission to the outer environment. The glass material also prevents heat from passing through and you can enjoy your drink as it was served. Grab this amazing double-walled glass mug today!


- ENTRAP HEAT WITHIN: The double-layer mug and the glass surface create enough insulation around the liquid surface. Thus the heat transmission will happen very slowly.

- NO MATTER WHAT THE SURROUNDING TEMPERATURE: You can enjoy your drink for a long time, and the outer environment won't affect it.

- PREVENT HEAT DAMAGE: Now you can grab the hot mug without hurting your fingers. The heat won't pass on the outer wall of the cup. You can protect your fingers from any kinds of hot blisters.

- EASE OF USE: You can conveniently grasp the handle of the mug. The ergonomically designed handle provides a firm gripping surface.


  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Glass Type: Transparent
  • Capacity: 250 mL
  • Size(LxD): 10cm x 7.5 cm.
  • Weight: 200g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Double-Walled Glass Mug