DIY Stepping Stone Path Mold

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No need for skill! Build your own unique pathway with this! 😍🏡


Introducing a cheaper and better option for DIY lovers out there wanting to build their beautiful garden pathway - DIY Stepping Stone Path Mold! Building a pathway often requires external labor which is not economical and nobody can build a beautiful pathway without putting their heart in it.


Decorate your private home according to your own hobbies and ideas, make your courtyard look beautiful and personal, and have more fun with your family. No special skills required even an inexperienced person can create a lovely pathway.



The plastic mold is reusable so you need only one or two at max! To clean the left mold just run the garden hose inside it and that's it. Extremely durable plastic which is durable and can be used over 2000 times! (GUARANTEED, or your money back)



Your pathway is going to attract everyone's eyes toward it! A funny thing is that you can even lend this to people or even sell it once you're done creating all you want. Now building a beautiful garden pathway is way easier!


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  • #A-35x35CM 
    • #B:-30x30CM
      • #C-40x40CM
        • #D-40x40CM
          • #E-36x36CM 


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