Crystal Glitter Hair Claw

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The Crystal Glitter Hair Claw makes you look gorgeous and stand out from the crowd! The high-quality glittering rhinestones on the sides (with the adjustable clip, that is easy to put on hair) are sure to leave their shine on you!

A lot of the times we don't want to put on routine makeup but this can surely make you look sweet in just a few seconds! People are going to compliment you as well as your choice. Do it for you!


HOLDS TIGHTLY - Holds every hair texture tightly until you put it off. Don't think that just because it's lightweight and durable then this won't be able to hold your hair.



Easy Clip-On Design - The hair clip is easy to use, just expand it and put it through your hair. It will hold tightly. It can adapt to the size of your bun or ponytail.


Perfect for any occasion - You can gift this to your spouse, or girlfriend. Maybe wear it for the party tonight. Save yourself time and snap on this beautiful Crystal Glitter Hair Claw and this will take care of your hair for the rest of the day.



Save time and still look gorgeous - It is your answer to quick, elegant hairstyles wherever you are. This amazing and original patent has no need for pins, barrettes or tight-fitting and tugging hair ties.



  • Made of high-quality rhinestones and ABS plastic. Sure to last more than a year
  • Keep it minimalistic and yet have the popular hairstyle
  • Adjustable size makes it a perfect bun
  • More fashionable than using a traditional hair tie of a scrunchie


Normally priced at $29.99, if you order today you can save 50% OFF + FREE SHIPPING! Compared to how your hair will look with this Hair Claw, it's practically priceless.