Cat Self-Grooming Arch

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🐱 How about Furr Remover, Scratcher, Massager and Play toy in only one tool for your cat?


Often times we don't feel like removing the kitty furs or groom our kitty but still want our furry playmate to look beautiful and shiny. The Cat Self-Grooming Arch is something which takes care of your kitty by grooming and playing with her at the same time. So now You can netflix and chill or do your some other work!


Hate to see scratched furniture? Try Grooming Arc! Hate to see fur on all your clothes? Try Grooming Arc! Don't feel like grooming your kitty? Try Grooming Arc!



Sturdy base to fulfill your cat scratching needs! Cats would love to get groomed while they scratch the base of this arch. The brown base is designed to promote healthy claws by removing debris and old layers of nails whenever your kitty scratches.


It is super-simple to clean. Just use a lint roller, light hand vacuum and/or spot clean to remove hair build-up. Your cat will always come back for another massage rub!



PAWFECT FOR BOTH KITTENS AND CATS! Do you want it to look beautiful and have shiny and healthy fur? Then give a food treat after a formal grooming session to help encourage a positive connection or feeling with grooming. Automate your cat grooming tasks with our amazing Cat Self-Grooming Arch!


>> NOT Sold in Pet Stores! <<

Your kitty and you need this right now! 🛒