3-in-1 Car Cane

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No More Pain While Getting Out Of The Car! 🙌

If you ever needed a helping hand to get up from a car seat, now you won't! The 3-in-1 car cane is always there with you.

The Safety handle fits right into your car door latch & becomes your helping hand. 


✅ A helping hand for people with joints problem: Its hard for people with arthritis to stand or sit without pain - Not anymore.

 Lets you easily stand & prevents falling: The safety handle easily fits in your door latch and is a life-saver for slippery rainy days.

3-in-1 innovative design: contains the following amazing safety features:

    • Safety Grip Handle - strong and sturdy, fits right into your car door latch to make it easy and painless to get out of the car
    • Window Breaker - sturdy steel helps you smash a car window with ease in case you're ever in danger 
    • Seatbelt Cutter - if you ever find yourself pinned in an accident, a subtly-hidden knife helps you break free from your seatbelt

If you suffer from joint pains then you really need this to make your life smooth and painless!

The 3-in-1 safety cane is made up aluminum which has a high modulus - can easily hold a person with 100+ kg (350lbs) weight!

Get Rid Of Unwanted Pain - Buy Today!