Boxing Resistance Belt (150lbs. of Resistance)

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👑Champions are built by choices they make and the equipment they use


This miraculously simple tool will reap your workout rewards 10 times faster!



No matter how hard you work if you're not focusing on the right areas, then somebody else who is will eventually surpass you with lesser work. DO NOT compromise in your workout & give this a try!




💬 You will achieve higher level of workout results: This resistance belt doesn't have batteries but it will surely energize your workout


💬 Perfect for any fitness level: No matter if you're In it to win it or just to lose some extra weight or make your arms & legs muscular. This will cut down your time to achieving those gainz


💬 Profusely enhances movement dynamics:  With the right amount of tensions it has popped every punch you throw & every leg you hit


 💬 Forces your muscles beyond its limits & helps to grow: Whether squats or pushups or pull-ups the increased resistance will cause take your muscle training to one level higher


💬 Multifunctional: Can use a wide range of personal exercises to enhance leg, back, chest, shoulder and core strength.





  • Get the 2 shorter plastics and feed each through the top loops (these are for arms)



  • Get 2 longer plastics and feed them through the bottom loops (these are for legs)



  • To decide right or left hand, put the thumb in the hold and choose the one in which earring lies just below the thumb (must not lie on the opposite side)


  • Connect the all 4 holds in each loop of the plastics


  • Tie the belt on your waist and put your feet & hands inside the holds & train hard!


Features & Specifications:
The buckle can increase more elastic ropes to strengthen resistance
Adjustable waist strap great for waistline 28.7" to 41.7"

High Tenacity nylon fabric and ABS
Resistance allowed: 150lbs (approx 68kg)

✌ Reap enormous rewards with the power of resistance in your workout!
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