Bluetooth Headphone Smart Sunglasses (Bone Conduction Technology)

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ūüéĶ Now You Can Wear¬†Your Music This Summer!

Listen to your favourite music, answer calls, ask Siri or Google Assistant without disconnecting from ambient noise!

Enjoy the luxury of a smartphone and comfort of earphones without spending huge amounts on expensive gadgets!

The glasses provide a decently comfortable fit and you can also Control them by A.I. Voice control 

You can also easily swap lenses with your prescription lenses. So no compromises!


✅ Perfect For Hiking, Cycling, Other Outdoor Activities - Hear your environment while listening to your music to avoid mishappenings.

‚úÖ Hands-Free¬†Control¬†-¬†ÔĽŅÔĽŅAccess Siri or google assistant anytime you make a call!

✅ Overall New Experience - Majority of people can listen by air, make the time to listen through vibration! It's an experience you don't want to miss!


You can hang a call by sliding forward or easily answer it by sliding backward.


A Comfortable & Decent Fit For Longer Usage! 


Voice Control Using In-built Microphone!