Bicep Blaster

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ūüí™ Instantly Increase Your Biceps!

The Bicep Blaster is an affordable tool which will not only make your arms look HUGE fast, it also helps you execute curls with perfect form form to get those guns approved.

Don't blame yourself when you're not getting the results in your arm because now you can easily!


✅ Grow It Faster & Bigger: Concentrate your curls and isolate your biceps & to increase gainz faster!

✅ Prevent Injuries & Keep Best Form: Bicep blaster keeps your form perfect so you don't get undesired injuries

✅ Don't Waste Your Effort On Undesired Muscles: In regular curl, you WASTE some effort in elbows and front deltoids, use BICEP BLASTER and prevent that!

✅ Isolate & Concentrate on biceps: Bicep Blaster gives your arm a surface to rest on so all your focus goes on biceps.


Adjust it just so that the strap comes just under your chest

Now perform regular curls and watch them give you 10x more results!


Neoprene padding to rest against the neck which prevents avoid rashes. Also, the aluminum is foam padded to rest the arms with extreme comfort.

Don't Let Your Arm-Day Efforts Go To Waste:  Get Yours Today!