Battery Organizer & Power Tester

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Declutter your home and get rid of old, unusable batteries 

We all know how irritating it can when you need a battery for whatever device you're using. You forget if you even have the type of battery you need, you then spend what feels like forever searching for the right one, just to find out that it's dead! No more!!


This Battery Organizer & Power Tester lets YOU easily organize over 100+ batteries at one space! Say goodbye to your messy unorganized battery drawer forever!



The battery holder case for aaa aa c d 9v small batteries can hold 48 pcs AA, 24 pcs AAA, 8 pcs D Cell and 10 pcs C Cell, 8 pcs 9V battery and some watch batteries. It will fit most sizes of rechargeable batteries as well! This home battery storage box organizer helps you see at a glance what kind you have and how many, Store it flat in a drawer or closet or mount it on the wall. Includes a removable battery tester that doesn't require a battery.


The organizer is designed in such a way that you can easily access any of the batteries unlike in a battery drawer. This is the thing YOU have always wanted - Isn't it?



You have FULL independence to make your life way easier by grabbing this Battery Organizer & Power Tester right now for A $50 DISCOUNT!

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